Thursday, October 06, 2005

A review of's Official iPod Store

A review of's The Official iPod store at

Store Sections

One cool and easy place to purchase Apple iPods and accessories is the Official iPod store at The store has links to sections;

iPod Minis
iPod Photos
iPod Shuffles
iPod Nanos

I like the ability to sort the items by price, best selling, alphabeticly, and by their featured status. This makes it easy to find what you want, and the price sort capability allows you to actual shop for the best price.

Each section list items by new and used prices, which again allows you to find some great bargains.

Top Selling List

One of the coolest features is the Top Selling Accessories list which is updated hourly. This list contains some of the newest and most practicale accessories that any digital music enthuisist would want or need. In the rapid changing and ever growing world of Apple iPod it is nice to have a reptriable source for iPods and iPod accessories.

There is also a Top Selling iPod and iPod Mini list. Like the Top Selling Accessories list these two list offer choices for each of these product lines by Apple. These list also offer the latest and greatest iPods and minis. I would expect that soon the Nano will get it's own list soon.

Customer Rave section

Also there is a customer rave section, this offers the most popular Apple iPod item that Amazon customers are raving over right now. My favorite part of the whole Amazon experiences is the customers reviews. I think that one of the most valuable parts of Amazon is reading the other customer reviews. Many of the reviews are well written and they often bring up points that a shopper really needs to consider. And even the reviews that you do not agree with often make interesting points that you need to think about before you make a purchase.

You will get discussions of battery life, stratch proofing your iPod and many other topical subjects that anyone buying a new piece of consumer electronics really needs to consider. I personally enjoy reading the pros and cons as presented by fellow shoppers.

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