Thursday, February 16, 2006

iTune Links

I'm Busy Like a Bee finding and posting my favorite iTune links. Check back often because I will update this list everytime I find a good link.

updated: 16 Feb

The Unofficial Apple Weblog /

iLounge - All things iPod & iTunes

BBC massively ramps up available podcasts

iTunes System Events, Key Code and Keystroke - You can use these key code numbers or keystroke strings to emulate key presses via AppleScript with "System Events", provided you also have the "Enable access for assistive devices" option checked in the "Universal Access" System Preference.

Create Gapless CD's & ACC Files With iTunes

This tutorial allows you to copy a CD to a single ACC file with embedded track information for duplication with iTunes or listening to gapless with an iPod. It covers all hardware and software requirements.

Here is a cool link to How to Script that you may find useful.

How-To: Download music videos from iTunes

Interesting articles about iTunes;

The Chumbawamba Factor; How Downloads Forever Changed the Music Business

Here is an interesting article about how downloads changed the music business. And by this account the changes are profound, visible and can't be ignored. It is a great read if you really want to understand how iTunes works.

The Chumbawamba Factor @
In 2000, Eric Garland and Adam Toll of BigChampagne rolled into Los Angeles without a name in their Rolodex or a connection in the business, and began talking their way into one executive suite after another. They came to sell one thing: information.


iTunes upgrade has users griping by Alorie Gilbert @

iTunes Essentials

iTunes gift certificates

Madonna Embraces Motorola and iTunes - Watch the pop ups.

iTunes Music Store captures 80% market share in UK

Apple's iTunes to carry Potter digital audiobooks

iTunes + Cingular - First Phone with iTunes from Cingular.

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