Saturday, August 23, 2008

China Blocks iTunes

Many news outlets are reporting this morning the China has blocked access to iTunes.

The NY is reporting in an article titled iTunes Blocked in China.
Since Monday, access to the site has been unavailable inside the country. The Art of Peace Foundation, a Tibetan activist group operating in the United States, had invited Olympic athletes to download a free compilation album, “Songs for Tibet.” According to a news release from the foundation, more than 40 athletes downloaded the album, which includes songs by Sting and Alanis Morissette. is reporting that Tibet album may have spurred China iTunes block.
An album supporting Tibetan freedom may have led China's government to sever access to Apple's iTunes Store.

This week, Chinese users of iTunes have found themselves unable to access the online store, something that Apple acknowledged but would not say whether it was a technical glitch or a move on the part of the censors.

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