Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Cool iTunes Web Site for Runners

I recently stumbled onto a very innovative website that will be of interest to runners who run with their iPods. The website JogTunes is really cool, it provides links and info about songs to run to.

The site was created by Robert Marcus. According to the linkshare website he is;

A casual runner who enjoys listening to music while running, Robert Marcus found that when music matched his pace, running was more fun. The idea of music-paced running was born. In 2005, Robert created, a site with extensive lists of songs from LinkShare merchant Apple iTunes. Runners can choose the style of music they prefer and then select songs of any tempo to create the perfect soundtrack for any length of run.

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Thanks for your kind mention of JogTunes. Please check out my "run-to" indie music podcast as well. I'd really like some feedback. You can find it at

Dr. Bob